Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is What Democracy Looks Like

….in my neighborhood at least.

You know how my van has been painted for the August recess. If you don’t, read this post.

Well after two months of driving this around, today my liberal across the street neighbors stuck this in their lawn facing my driveway.


(I cannot tell whether the signpost was made from their hammer or sickle).

My daughter was so caught up in the moment that she immediately grabbed her craft paint, and while neighbors were out admiring their handiwork, cheerfully painted this on her car window.


Now we have some democracy going on!


  1. Wow! The craftsmanship and commitment that went into the neighbor's sign is really something.
    I think they need some sort of government sign-making assistance program.

  2. Isn't that the same neighbor who hates the 4th of July? I see a pattern...

  3. How many attempts were made before they spelled "health" correctly?

  4. LOL Arby! We noticed that too. My MIL suggested I letter out a nice sign for them, saying I noticed they needed a little assistance!