Monday, September 28, 2009

Eugenics for the New Millennium

Who will get the health care under Obama’s programs? Will the elderly just be given a pain pill? Will time and effort be invested in those with debilitating disease when they could be used to help 100 fairly healthy people?

If it's a difficult decision, then why choose a system that forces you to make that decision? Right now anybody can obtain the care that's best for them as an individual.
This is disgusting and it all boils down to eugenics and helping the most desirable.
Who imagined our leaders would be thinking this way in the new millennium.

Friday, September 25, 2009

One Trillion Dollars

dollar bills We often hear about Obama and Congress spending money in the trillions, sometimes it’s just hard to get a grasp on how much one trillion dollars is.

My husband was involved in a similar discussion and a friend cleared it up with the following analogy.

A man gave his wife a million dollars and told her to spend $1000 a day. She came back 3 years later to say the money was gone.
He then gave her a Trillion dollars and told her to spend a million dollars a day. She didn't come back for 3000 years.

Shopping bags


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mmmmm Mmmm Mmmmm. George W. Bush!

By now you’ve probably seen the Creepshow indoctrination video of schoolchildren chanting praises to Obama. If you haven’t, here’s a You Tube link.

This is my question. How likely is it that the following adaptation of that song would ever be uttered in a public school?

My version:

Mm, mmm, mm!
George W. Bush.
He made a stand to pave the way
Take pride, and fight for USA

He honored all the troops who died
So Evil could not run or hide
Mmm, mmm, mm!
George W. Bush.

Mmm, mmm, mm!
George W. Bush.
Said terrorists we’d never trust,
If you’re not with us, your against us.
Mmm, mmm, mm!
George W. Bush.

Mmm, mmm, mm
George W. Bush.

Song 2:
Hello, Mr. President we honor you today!
For all your great accomplishments, we all doth say "hooray!"
Hooray, Mr. President! You're number one!
The second American President who was a President’s son!
Hooray, Mr. President we honor your great plans
To make this country's strength number one again!
Hooray Mr. President, we're really proud of you!
And we stand for all Americans under the great Red, White, and Blue!
So continue ---- Mr. President we know you'll do the trick
So here's a hearty hip-hooray ----
Hip, hip hooray!

-Lynnae   ….Oh wait- I almost published this post without a fawning picture of the president to go with the song. I think I have one around here somewhere………..


W clearing the ranch

If you want the real words the school children chant and sing, here they are:

Barach Hussein Obama

Mm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama
He said that all must lend a hand
To make this country strong again
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama
He said we must be fair today
Equal work means equal pay
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama
He said that we must take a stand
To make sure everyone gets a chance
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama
He said red, yellow, black or white
All are equal in his sight
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama
Mmm, mmm, mm
Barack Hussein Obama
Song 2:
Hello, Mr. President we honor you today!
For all your great accomplishments, we all doth say "hooray!"
Hooray, Mr. President! You're number one!
The first black American to lead this great nation!
Hooray, Mr. President we honor your great plans
To make this country's economy number one again!
Hooray Mr. President, we're really proud of you!
And we stand for all Americans under the great Red, White, and Blue!
So continue ---- Mr. President we know you'll do the trick
So here's a hearty hip-hooray ----
Hip, hip hooray!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Comment about the 9/12 Rally and March

The following was my comment on another blog, and I decided to post it over here as well. The commenter I was responding to seemed to have the following points:

  • The 9/12 protest was not a grassroots movement because it was promoted my a major news organization.
  • The GOP would lose the next election if they catered to the conservative base.
  • Conservatives need to do more to appeal to moderates.

With that set up, here was my response.

………… interesting comment. One thing you don't seem to understand is that to conservatives, politics isn't about picking who's going to win and getting on that team. We feel strongly about what is the right and wrong way to run this country, regardless of 'global trends'. Freedom and democracy are not global trends or historic trends, for that matter, so we are going against the flow here.
  And about your warning that we won't win in 2010, yes, we would like to win, but we won't cave on our beliefs just to win the numbers for something we don't want to happen.
  Your words--- "The GOP have yet to outline a coherent, articulate plan of action, and the 9/12 protests are the embodiment of that lack of vision. Unlike other grassroots movement, there is no end game objective that signifies what victory looks like." don't make sense to me because the 9/12 protesters for the most part are disgusted with the way the GOP is ignoring them. The fact that we are unsure of the endgame should further PROVE, not disprove, that this is a grassroots movement. We are just trying to defend what we believe in.
BTW no one told me what to say or paid me to say it.

My Sister’s March on DC

My sweet little sister had the opportunity to go to DC for over a week and participate in the march.

Ramona in DC

Today I would like to link to her, Ramsam, at  Better Than We Deserve. Stop over and read her moving account.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Women: Know Your Limits

This sketch had me rolling! It is so funny.

I have to admit I have felt like this poor woman a time or two. Who knows, someday ‘Lynnae Loves Liberty’ might be completely devoted to Liberty- the rescued, at risk fluffy kitten.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You Are Too Kind

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments on my last post and for referring it to others. You made my day!

And so for you a special treat……..

Lynnae 9yrs old

Little Lynnae at her 9th Birthday Party, July 1976.

My mom wanted to help me learn to sew, and this is the dress we made together. I selected the fabric myself. The pinafore is covered with George Washington portraits. The blue and white shirt displays United States icons like the liberty bell and Paul Revere, along with important dates in U.S. history. (Maybe the battle of New Orleans was among them, hmm?). The flag cake is by my grandma. Now tell me, could I have turned out any different?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Undimmed By Human Tears

When I was nine we practiced a bicentennial program in our elementary school. As part of the program a teacher was explaining the verses of ‘America the Beautiful’.

“How beautiful for patriot dream,
That sees beyond the years,
Thine alabaster cities gleam,
Undimmed by human tears.

How beautiful for heroes, proved
In liberating strife,
Who more than self, their country loved,
And mercy more than life.”

She explained that the phrase ‘undimmed by human tears’ meant that we had never had an attack of a city on American soil.


    Photo  Daniel Hulshizer AP

On the morning of September 11th 2001 that changed with the vicious attack of innocent people in our country.

President George W. Bush declared the following Friday a National Day of Prayer.

I was worried for my family and my country. I needed the consolation of prayer too. I watched the prayer ceremonies on television that day and said a few of my own. I will never forget God’s power and the unity that I felt with my fellow Americans that day. Despite all the horrible occurrences I felt that we were in God’s hands and he was still in control.

That day I wrote a few verses of my own for America the Beautiful, with one chorus at the end.

(To the tune and meter of the verses of America the Beautiful.  ‘Oh beautiful, for spacious skies………)

 How deep the grief that turns our heart,
The tears that bend the knee,
The ache that pulls us close again,
And closer still to Thee.

 The trembling, halting, breaking voice,
In songs we’ve always known,
Though eyes divert we can’t help see,
The hollow in our home.

 For souls who flooded heaven’s door,
That ever darkened hour,
Encircled by Thy angel host,
Encircled by Thy power.

 America, America!
God grasp thy quaking hand!
And wash us pure, as we secure
Thy freedom for this land!


Rep. Mike Rogers’ Opening Statement

If you haven’t seen this, watch it. It may be the best four minutes of your day.

Sometimes this is a real uphill battle and it’s nice to know there are those who get it!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is What Democracy Looks Like

….in my neighborhood at least.

You know how my van has been painted for the August recess. If you don’t, read this post.

Well after two months of driving this around, today my liberal across the street neighbors stuck this in their lawn facing my driveway.


(I cannot tell whether the signpost was made from their hammer or sickle).

My daughter was so caught up in the moment that she immediately grabbed her craft paint, and while neighbors were out admiring their handiwork, cheerfully painted this on her car window.


Now we have some democracy going on!

Monday, September 7, 2009

School Frustration and Indoctrination.

Leo Alberti photoshop

(Photoshop by Leo Alberti….found via Michelle Malkin)

I had planned to keep my daughter home tomorrow so she wouldn’t have to watch Obama’s coerced speech to the public schools. It turns out it is also picture day, of course, which is a real hassle to miss. So we’ll have a little chat about why we disagree with the speech and lesson plan, and go from there.  :(

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Classroom Politics

It appears that my daughter’s school in the Snoqualmie Valley School District is showing the broadcast.


Photo from Voice for School Choice.

We will be having a mother daughter day at home of out and about. I’ll call her in as absent.

I don’t want the president using my child as a political pawn or a gimmick to boost sagging ratings.

I do not want my child to be trained to listen, agree and obey political leaders without questioning Should they believe, should they obey. I saw the lesson plan. I know what’s in it. Pure salesmanship and tricks of persuasion. No, Thank you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama to Speak to School Children

The thing that creeps me out is that the teachers are told to have students see if they can list the things the President wants them to do, and then answer if they are able to do those things. Nowhere are they asked if they agree with the president.

This reminds me, I watched ‘Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ the other day. But that may or may not be unrelated.

Here is the text of if you haven’t read it: (my comments in thin italics)

PreK-6 Menu of Classroom Activities: President Obama’s Address to Students Across America

Produced by Teaching Ambassador Fellows, U.S. Department of Education

September 8, 2009

Before the Speech:

· Teachers can build background knowledge about the President of the United States and his speech by reading  propaganda books about presidents and Barack Obama and motivate students by asking the following questions:

Who is the President of the United States? (would they have done any of this for George W. Bush?)

What do you think it takes to be President?

To whom do you think the President is going to be speaking?

Why do you think he wants to speak to you? Because your a young skull full of mush and this is the only way to circumvent the reason of your parents.

What do you think he will say to you?

· Teachers can ask students to imagine being the President delivering a speech to all of the students in the United States. Brainwashing! What would you tell students? What can students do to help in our schools? Teachers can chart ideas about what they would say.

· Why is it important that we listen to the President listen or obey??? and other elected officials, like the mayor, senators, members of congress, or the governor? Why is what they say important?

During the Speech:

· As the President speaks, teachers can ask students to write down key ideas or phrases that are important or personally meaningful. Find the vague ideas you agree with just like all the saps who voted for him without knowing he was a socialist. Students could use a note-taking graphic organizer such as a Cluster Web, or students could record their thoughts on sticky notes. Younger children can draw pictures and write as appropriate. As students listen to the speech, they could think about the following:

What is the President trying to tell me?

What is the President asking me to do?

What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about? This chills me to the core. I’m just sayin’

· Students can record important parts of the speech where the President is asking them to do something. Students might think about: What specific job is he asking me to do? Is he asking anything of anyone else? Teachers? Principals? Parents? The American people? This is a great opportunity to focus on the intentions and the great dream end result. Luckily most k-6 children don’t understand that good intentions don’t always produce good result, and that a record of success should be a good indicator of whether we should do what is asked.

· Students can record any questions they have while he is speaking and then discuss them after the speech. Younger children may need to dictate their questions.

After the Speech:

· Teachers could ask students to share the ideas they recorded, exchange sticky notes or stick notes on a butcher paper yes, prepare the butcher paper poster in the classroom to discuss main ideas from the speech, i.e. citizenship, personal responsibility, civic duty.

· Students could discuss their responses to the following questions:

What do you think the President wants us to do?

Does the speech make you want to do anything? These questions are so leading…like a used car salesman saying what color of new car would you like to buy from me today?

Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us? Can and should are two different things.

What would you like to tell the President? Keep your commie face out of my kid’s classroom??

· Teachers could encourage students to participate in the Department of Education’s “I Am What I Learn” video contest.  On September 8th the Department will invite K-12 students to submit a video no longer than 2 min, explaining why education re-education is important and how their education re-education will help them achieve their dreams.  Teachers are welcome to incorporate the same or a similar video project into an assignment. If they don’t want to do it, make their grade depend on it. More details will be released via

Extension of the Speech: Teachers can extend learning by having students

· Create posters of their goals. Posters could be formatted in quadrants or puzzle pieces or trails marked with the labels: personal, academic, community, country. Each area could be labeled with three steps for achieving goals in those areas. It might make sense to focus on personal and academic so community and country goals come more readily. i.e. children are sick of writing so they will put down whatever you suggest.

· Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. What the crap!!! These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals. Collected and redistributed along with everything else you’ve worked on. If there’s on thing they know, it’s collecting and redistributing.

· Write goals on colored index cards or precut designs to post around the classroom. Be sure to have a picture of the Obama emblem on hand for children to copy, thus to ensure the symbol is decorating your classroom from the start of the school year on.

· Interview and share about their goals with one another to create a supportive community. Ostracize those who don’t agree.

· Participate in School wide incentive programs or contests for students who achieve their goals.

· Write about their goals in a variety of genres, i.e. poems, songs, personal essays. Yessss, great leader, I have a song for Yooooooo, I will help, as you want me to doooooo… Next years Grammy.

· Create artistic projects based on the themes of their goals.

· Graph student progress toward goals.

I think my kids are coming down with the flu. Should hit about the 8th.