Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mercury Free Light Bulbs

normal light bulbI just heard that Nancy Pelosi during her ‘reign’ had mandated that fluorescent lights be used on the House side of congress.  They are currently being replace, by order of Boehner, with good old fashioned incandescent light bulbs.

And while I’m on the topic, the other day my husband pointed out that even though democrats have mandated that all light bulbs in the home be CFL’s by 2014, another law has been passed mandating that CFL bulbs NOT be used outdoors. It seems they pose a danger to the environment.

As for the environment in your home, who cares! Certainly not the Democrats.

I have a bright idea for you. Why don’t Americans get the freedom to choose whatever light bulb they want. We pay our own bill, let us decide if a higher power bill is better or worse than a toxic light bulb that must be saved carefully after use and disposed at a hazardous waste site.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th, Ten Years Later

I was still in bed when my good friend called on the phone, telling me planes had hit the World Trade Center. It was about time to get up anyway, so I hurried downstairs to watch the TV in shock while I got the kids ready for school. For a while I wondered if I should take them, but decided it was best. Before I left I remember looking at the tv and telling Jon "that building is going to fall, it looks like it's twisting." I never see that image anymore. They mostly show fast little clips.

While we were driving to middle school the first tower fell. I rushed home. I saw the second tower fall on tv and it was horrifying.

After an hour or two a neighbor called my house. The husband had been in the air at the time of the attacks and now had been diverted to Canada. He sounded very upset and had been trying to get a hold of his wife. I told him I'd have her call, slipped on some shoes and ran down to her house. The house was calm and children were playing happily. She answered the door and I told her she should call her husband and she seemed confused. She didn't have television on, and her phone was off the hook. She had no idea what had happened.

I was also in charge of a church dinner for the ladies that night and had been stressed out about it for a few days. I called the woman over me and asked if we could just cancel it, and she said she 'didn't see why.' So I went to Costco and tried to get done the things I needed to do, feeling scared and in shock. It was a sombre dinner. Maybe it was OK to have it, but I was mad at the time. We ate and sang hymns before returning to our families.

The next day, and for several days, I watched Fox news almost nonstop. I did try and turn it off whenever my four year old Jordan came in to the room, but I also remember trying to get her occupied in the playroom so I could go back and watch things unfold. I watched every news conference, and on the National Day of Prayer I prayed a lot and watched all the services. That day I felt very peaceful, and I felt like a spirit of calm and unity was over our country. It was a powerful feeling that I will never forget.

Please read this tribute I wrote two years ago.


july 4

I will forever honor the heroes of that day. The first responders, and since then, our military, who sacrifice so we can be free. Thank You!