Monday, September 28, 2009

Eugenics for the New Millennium

Who will get the health care under Obama’s programs? Will the elderly just be given a pain pill? Will time and effort be invested in those with debilitating disease when they could be used to help 100 fairly healthy people?

If it's a difficult decision, then why choose a system that forces you to make that decision? Right now anybody can obtain the care that's best for them as an individual.
This is disgusting and it all boils down to eugenics and helping the most desirable.
Who imagined our leaders would be thinking this way in the new millennium.


  1. The fantasy of free health care is a pleasant dream. Any one, at anytime, anywhere, can walk into a doctor’s office and receive excellent medical treatment for any ailment, including free medicine, hospitalization, and surgery, if necessary. It is the Utopian ideal perfected in a Star Trek sick bay where a combination of superbly trained doctors and cutting edge medical diagnostic equipment are combined with fast acting medicine and unlimited resources to keep mankind healthy until the natural end of life. If that fantasy had a chance of becoming a reality I wouldn’t argue, if I believed that the people responsible for providing free health care were pro-life individuals who truly believed in the sanctity of human life. Unfortunately, this is not a core belief of the people attempting to ram health care legislation through the United States Congress, legislation that has a serious chance of destroying the world’s best source of medicinal development, medical treatments, medical knowledge, and technological advancement. The people who truly dream of the Utopian society where anyone, anywhere, at any time, can walk into a doctor’s office and receive free medical treatment for any ailment, do not realize that you cannot have one without the other. There is no free universal health care of the kind envisioned by most people where there is no core belief in the sanctity and value of all human life. They will be sorely disappointed when reality hands them a medical system run, rationed, and ultimately ruined by the government.

  2. I agree strongly that it is a dream and a myth.
    Two points...The dream of free and fabulous health care will not work. It never has.
    And, I think it's unethical to make someone pay for the life choices of another by force.
    Now I know there's public roads and armies and Yada yada......But aside from the basic needs of a country, the government should not be providing things to people that people are capable of providing for themselves.