Saturday, April 4, 2009

You Can Have My Incandescent Lightbulb When You Pull it Out of My Cold Dead Hand

I've started my stockpile. No, not just food. This week I bought an eight pack of good ol' GE light bulbs in addition to my regular supply. You see, since the USA is no longer a free country the government has passed a law requiring a switch to compact fluorescent bulbs by 2014. Now I think when government decides to no only crush an industry but also dictate consumer choices in this way, it has definitely gone too far. But let me back up....

When I was a young newlywed my hubby was stationed in Japan. When he brought me home to our apartment one of the first things that I noticed was the sickly flickerings of the fluorescent light in the living room when he hit the switch. It took a few minutes to reach its full capacity and cast its cold gleam across the room. It was then that I knew that this Japan we had been taught to admire (in the 70's and 80's), and told that they would overtake us and surpass us, did not have our standard of living. It was the first of many proofs of the greatness and innovation of the American people.

I have never liked fluorescent bulbs. They distract and irritate me. When I hear people, usually men, discussing the upcoming law deadline, they say women hate it because they don't look good in fluorescent light. Well that's pretty shallow and uninformed. There happen to be many people who are experience physical or mental distress under fluorescent bulbs. I'm one of those people. I am hoping if I go on the record maybe I can get some kind of a waiver.

Now they say the new light bulbs cycle so fast that the human eye can't detect it. Well, we all know if you can't see it then there's no way anything can harm you.

I have tried the compact fluorescent bulbs. Hubby bought two. One of them went in the kitchen, where we had about five other regular recessed lights. I couldn't stand it and took it out two days later. I told him it would have to be used somewhere else in the house where I wouldn't see it. The other one went in the garage, where I rarely go. but if I do go in there I have to wait now for it to 'light up'.

Our fluorescent bulbs did not last any longer than the old bulbs. They were burned out within 14 months. Now, I didn't have time to call a hazmat team like your supposed to, I just put them in the trash. But CFL bulbs have mercury in them. So if they do break, children and pregnant women are supposed to leave the room. Someone wearing protective clothing (like we all keep handy) is supposed to clean it up. Just hope it doesn't break over carpet....if it does, DO NOT Vacuum. This could release harmful mercury into the air. You must cut out the affected section of carpet and dispose of it. I'm not kidding. I don't think most of suburbia is ready for this type of responsibility. But I'm pretty sure those who made the law hate suburbia anyway. And love the three headed fish that mercury pollution leads too.

What about Christmas lights? Will they be banned too? Shoot, I didn't stock up on those yet. And don't tell me about LED lights. If you put those up at Christmas you seriously need to reassess your life. Ick. Maybe as a Halloween decoration, but they are worse than fluorescent. They seem to actually take away light. Gone will be the warm cozy glow of grandma's house on Christmas eve.

We live in a wonderful country full of science and invention. Do we really need to take steps backwards? CFL's and LED lights do NOT last longer, they aren't safer, they definitely aren't cheaper. So why force them on us? It's nothing but another sacrament to the altar of liberalism.
Well, some of us aren't buying your liberal crap.


  1. LED lights make my eyes squiggle weird. I hate them on Chirstmas trees. HArsh, I know.

    I buy these bulbs in bulk too. I ran out last week and panicked! But we got 3 mega packs to start my stash once again.

    Doesn't veryone just toss out those old flourescent bulbs? WHo is really throwing them away properly and not clenaing them up when they break (which they do easily). And the government wants us to only buy these?

    I really honestly believe Global Warming has become the religion of the godless.

    People who are free to sin in moral and ethical ways, even taking the lives of unborn babies, now have this little altar they pay at and off set there sins against the world to make themselves feel better.

    The more I see it, the more I am convinced it is an imitation of somethig that does actually bring peace. Now this beleif is very wacko for me, but just will notice it as well....

  2. LED Lightbulb technology IS actually better than Incandescent. The only problem with them is the cost. Once that is addressed there is absolutely no reason why you should be resisting buying something that works better for the same price.

    Emerging OLED or "Organic Light Emitting Diode" technology that's being used in phones and other types of screens in place of LCD screens which is much brighter and more vibrant may also pose a contender for lighting to replace incandescent bulbs within the next 10 years.

  3. I have to address this.
    LED lights are disgusting. How could they be better? at what? They don't look good. And since we use lights to, you know, SEE, why not have them light up a room with a cozy warm glow. If you are one of those poor misguided people who bought these for Christmas lights, I'm sorry. I'm just telling you what everyone else is too nice to say. Ick.
    They look bad on cars, they work crummy in flashlights, not to mention that they give people headaches. It is a crappy imitation light. I dread having to be in a room lit up by those things.
    And don't tell me they are more efficient. Life would be more efficient if we all took a food supplement and then laid down all day to avoid wasting energy. But we don't to that. We live. We live and progress and improve and discover things.
    Now onto the next point. This is my opinion, but personally I think OLED lights are the equivalent of slave labor. I am not an animal rights activist by any means, but shocking some poor single celled creature into flashing various colors for my amusement is not very palatable.

  4. Lynnae! We agree! Completely! I'm raising up the flag in celebration :-)