Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Comment about the 9/12 Rally and March

The following was my comment on another blog, and I decided to post it over here as well. The commenter I was responding to seemed to have the following points:

  • The 9/12 protest was not a grassroots movement because it was promoted my a major news organization.
  • The GOP would lose the next election if they catered to the conservative base.
  • Conservatives need to do more to appeal to moderates.

With that set up, here was my response.

………… interesting comment. One thing you don't seem to understand is that to conservatives, politics isn't about picking who's going to win and getting on that team. We feel strongly about what is the right and wrong way to run this country, regardless of 'global trends'. Freedom and democracy are not global trends or historic trends, for that matter, so we are going against the flow here.
  And about your warning that we won't win in 2010, yes, we would like to win, but we won't cave on our beliefs just to win the numbers for something we don't want to happen.
  Your words--- "The GOP have yet to outline a coherent, articulate plan of action, and the 9/12 protests are the embodiment of that lack of vision. Unlike other grassroots movement, there is no end game objective that signifies what victory looks like." don't make sense to me because the 9/12 protesters for the most part are disgusted with the way the GOP is ignoring them. The fact that we are unsure of the endgame should further PROVE, not disprove, that this is a grassroots movement. We are just trying to defend what we believe in.
BTW no one told me what to say or paid me to say it.


  1. September 21, 2009

    "DC Fire Department Report" Quote Regarding September 12 Event Misrepresents Agency Policy

    In reference to the September 12th Tea Party event held in Washington DC, quoting a “DC Fire Department Report”, regardless of what any media reported, the size of the crowd of those who attended this event were never estimated by DC Fire & EMS. Any reports contrary to this are false. The DC Fire & EMS Department does not estimate crowd sizes.

    A Twitter posting estimating the crowd gathering at Lafayette Park only as “large, possibly as many as 60 thousand” stated that it was an early estimation of that specific area (Lafayette Park), not the number of participants in the event.


  2. The left just does not get it. They do not understand. They will follow any line of criticism in order to discredit their opponents, regardless of how silly or illogical. They see the size of the crowd with their own eyes yet estimate it as only as large as a football stadium filled to capacity on a Sunday afternoon. But, this ability to look without seeing and listening without hearing is what allowed them to vote for President Obama. We shouldn't expect that to change.