Friday, February 25, 2011

Choose Life!


Anti abortion.ImageFile

This anti abortion billboard was removed due to pressure from liberal groups. Maybe because it forces them to face the truth about what they are defending.

I heard about it on Rush this morning and had to find the picture for myself. Look at the beautiful child. Think of how many just as precious to us and God are destroyed every day.

African American groups were planning to protest this billboard. This is so backward! Or as Rush said, It’s racist to defend African American children now.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Movie Trailer

The movie trailer for Atlas Shrugged Part One has been released. This is a much anticipated movie and I hope it can live up to the novel.

Watch now…..‘Atlas Shrugged Trailer’.

( My biggest disappointment in the movie is that it isn’t done in a late ‘40’s style. Ahhh, well.)

Even though I have a few core arguments against Objectivism in general, I think the philosophy regarding government controls of the market is spot on. I am sick of the moochers and looters.

I am a Christian and do believe in helping others, which you may say is contrary to the philosophy in Atlas Shrugged. However I would say that the detrimental effects (on both the giver and the receiver) come when you are forced or coerced to support someone else. Helping others because you wish to is barely touched on in the book, and not very thoroughly handled in my opinion. But the main themes are excellent. I love the appreciation for hard work, ideas, and the genius that makes the country great. It’s sad to see that drive squashed in Atlas Shrugged and realize it’s happening today in real life.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday, Ronald Reagan


Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Ronald Reagan. We celebrated coming home from church to a feast of Hot Wings, Chips and dip, and a football game that happened to be on. But I had to write and spread a little love for the Gipper.

And for all those young people who hear the comparisons of President Obama to Reagan, Let me tell you something. Obama is no Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was a great speaker. This has been conceded by members of the media now that Reagan has passed into the history books and been found great. But even that concession is an effort to downplay what really made him great….The CONSERVATIVE MESSAGE!

Government is not the solution to out problems, Government IS the problem!