Thursday, July 2, 2009

Independence Day Eve

Howdy howdy!
I've been sick but I'm feeling a lot better, so with no further delay, here's an awesome quote for you. I dedicate this to our favorite little 'Community Organizer', President Obama.

"The socialists believe in two things which are absolutely different,
and perhaps even contradictory:
freedom and organization."
-Elie Halevy

Secondly, out here in Washington State I hear Congressman Reichart has had his in-box full, and he deserves it for being one of the notorious Cap-and-Trade eight. I am done with re-electing back stabbing RINOs. I swore I'd never vote for McCain, and I did, though it was only because of Palin. I've had it.
Anyway, if you want to read my hubby's post containing his letter to Reichart, click here. And if you need a little non political fun, read the post previous to that as well.

Thirdly, Kudos to our local little Movie Theater for this festive and patriotic display. I LOVE it!

We are getting ready for a big Independence Day gathering, with relatives coming from as far as California, Portland, and Utah. In addition to attending an early morning flag raising, we have had a firework party at least seven of the ten years we've lived here. The 'Brother-in-Law's' and other guy friends will run down to the Indian reservation, pool there money, and get all kinds of firework goodies for young and old alike. We cover the front lawn with blankets and lawn chairs, eat tons of food, and celebrate living in the Best Nation on Earth!!!

A couple years ago one of our liberal neighbors came over and complained to my husband that she was worried about our fireworks hurting someone or causing damage. This bugged my husband enough to take some of the fun out of our festivities. This is the same neighbor who's 'outdoor cats' routinely defecate in my flowerbed. In true life-imitates-politics style, she acquired her two grey little minion, and promptly shut them out of her house, and now expects society (our block) to carry the consequences.

And to put this in perspective, almost every street in our neighborhood has a big party and launches fireworks. Including another street actually closer to her house. We never go past midnight, and we get out brooms and leaf blowers to clean the street before everyone goes home that night.

We are expecting two couples and four teens, in addition to our family, to be staying at our house this weekend. For our party another fifteen teens and adults, along with a bevy of little kids will be here. Pictures to follow!

Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. As I reflect on Independence Day, and the July 4th tea parties, we know what we are celebrating. We are celebrating our liberty and freedom. We want our children to enjoy liberty and freedom also. We, The People, are mad. We're mad as hell!! We're sick and tired of politicians (no matter what party they may belong to) promising to uphold and defend the Constitution, and then taking the Constitution and the principles this country was founded upon, and slowly and systematically shredding and trashing them. One could argue that this is simply gross incompetence, but incompetence would sooner or later result in something being passed that is actually good for the country. But this doesn't happen. Unfortunately, this is nothing short of an organized and well orchestrated attempt to drag our country down to socialism. This will NOT happen, not on our watch. We will not be the United Socialists States of America. If our elected officials won't listen to us, and uphold the Constitution and return the country to our founding principles, then by God, We The People will do it ourselves!!