Monday, November 22, 2010

One Of The Few

It’s not very often I get a post that fits in both the Jane Austen category and my conservative politics blog, but my husband, who’s been gone with the Army Reserve, provided me with one today with this message….

One of the few……


...M16s in the world being dismantled and cleaned accompanied by the Mansfield Park soundtrack.

This task combined with that vibrantly luscious classical music score must have been a beautiful thing.


You can hear a sample of the beauty here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

George W. Bush on Rush Today

george_w_bush In less than an hour former president George W. Bush is going to be on the Rush Limbaugh show to talk about his upcoming book. (There’s a hint for my Christmas list!)

I need to get my radio ready. Living out where i do my AM stations don’t always come in well. I’d be better off getting in the van and driving around to listen on my car radio.

So tune in for the second hour today (1:05 Eastern time) to Rush’s show.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Historic Win for GOP

Yesterday was a historic win in the House of Representatives for Republicans and conservatives.

This morning I hear the Democrats say “now is the time for us to work together and compromise”.

Firstly, why do the LOSERS get to define what we do now?

My second issue of the day is the constant whine I’ve heard from some sore loser Democrats, that goes something like this:

“All Republicans can do is complain about Obama’s Health Care and stimulus. They have presented no plan of their own. (Waaaah!) All they can do is tear down but where’s their plan to help the economy? Where’s their plan?”

I don’t know if said Democrats really are thinking this or is they are just trying to feed a talking point to young, whiny, first-vote-ever 18 year old girls who don’t know Boehner and Reid from Edward and Jacob.

But the best plan to put the economy back on track is for the government to GET OUT OF THE WAY!

The government is putting a stranglehold on the neck of productive workers and businesses. Adjusting the grip of the stranglehold slightly will not help. Let go! Let Americans do the work they want to do. Let businesses plan and risk and build with an assurance that the ground will have some stability, instead of the ever shifting quagmire of regulations, laws and taxes that Obama is threatening them with.

By what right does Obama say that $250,000.00 a year is a magic cutoff? By what right does he protect someone making $240,000.00 and PUNISH someone making $260,000.000?

And I know health care seems compassionate, but in the end we will all be worse off. Socialized medicine is an assault on democracy, and an assault on the freedom of the American people.