Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Health Care Fun


Driving my anti-Health Care Funvee around has been like one of those stories where each new person adds a line.

Last Saturday  sweetie took it up to the trailhead, and when it came back, below my painted “No Government Health Care” was the comment written in the dust “No Medicare either!”

Is there, out on the Seattle hiking circuit, someone more conservative and or libertarian than us? Or was it a satirical sarcastic comment on just how ‘cruel’ we conservatives would be?

I continued wondering until yesterday. We went over to Wild Waves, for a day of standing in line fun in the sun. I’d been back in the car for a few minutes when the sunset hit the back window and I noticed that added to my rear window were the messages ‘NObama’ and ‘You are Awesome!’

Why thank you.

I guess we aren’t alone in the universe!

PS, if you haven’t seen the Milton Freidman (with Donahue) clip on my last post, check it out. (Yes, you! It’s only two minutes. And it’s good! Sheesh!)

And another thing. If anyone else has a message on their vehicle and wants to post it, please comment here, I’d love to link to it!


  1. I have been really watching a lot of Milton video's lately. I didn't know much about him until recently. It is a much watch for sure. He just made sense.

    I love that you did this on your car. Very brave over there on the westside of the state. I watch the whole townhall last night on livefeed with Baird. It was so great. I loved how it ended with a young college student.

    I would rather die a patriot, than die a thief.

    He was awesome.

    Take care and continue to rather the troops.

  2. Okay- this is my favorite news of the day. I am going to paint something on mine today (when Mike isn't looking) and I LOVE the responses.
    What is wrong with me??? I am getting teary eyed! I love knowing people out there are feeling the same frustration we are!!!'
    Please never wash your van........

  3. You ARE awesome! I love your boldness. I am too chicken (and go into the city far too often) to do same (I can only imagine my husband's lecture about wearing my heart on my sleeve should our newer car come home with both sides keyed up). But, I admire you.

  4. I had planned to keep it painted during the congressional recess. It is on there pretty good but I can't use my rear wipers or it will chip off. That's hard....this is Seattle.

    Got a big smile from some bikers today.