Friday, August 14, 2009

What You Need To Hear Today

You had me at Greed!

I could kiss his bald little head.

If only I could say it like Milton Friedman!

Post script…I am sorry to those whose comments have not appeared on this post after I approved them….And now my comment button is completely gone. I’m so non-technical. I hope you enjoy this post anyway!


  1. awesome! such a great, great man. "I don't even trust you to do that." What a great line.


  2. Why can't we have more like this fella?

  3. Oh. Wow.
    This is so good.
    He is so well spoken.....
    I need more!

  4. Milton Friedman was such a treasure. We were blessed to have him (despite his aberration of implementing the withholding of taxes from paychecks during WWII -- thus separating much of America from the idea of how much they really pay in taxes). His son David, whom I have heard speak, is kind of strange, though.