Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Funvee Hits the Road, Reichert Phones It In

It’s been several days since I painted up my vehicle, as seen in the previous post, and I would encourage you all to do the same. I love my loyal readers, but in a trip to Taco Time my van got more views than my web page. It does have to be short but sweet, but here we are mostly like minded individuals, and I want the people in my town to know that local, normal, friendly people oppose this plan. Maybe they will begin to ask themselves why.van message_QVga

Ugghhh! I Had thought about going up to Everett tonight for the town hall, But it’s a long way for us, and my sweetie is still at work. But he said that they’ve already filled up the Aqua Sox event center with union folks and it’s too late now.

Reichert Phones It In

Ugghhhh Again!

As far as our district goes, I hear Benedict Reichert Arnold is having a phone in Town Hall. LAME. I’m scheming though, about a little friendly demonstration just to be seen and heard as polite law abiding people who oppose the progressive system of government invading our lives.1aaaladylibertygfairy

I will be heard.

I will not be scared into staying home while our freedoms are seized!

I will not look on while our country is sold out!

And if your wondering about life in the Funvee….So far my painted window has had smiles and waves, and no ‘negative responses’ in the form of gestures, etc. Which is better than when I had it painted up for Governor Palin when she was the VP pick. facebook van

Honk if you see me around Seattle or the East Side.

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