Monday, August 3, 2009

Let's Confront the Bullies at Recess!

If you are like me youve already seen a lot of clips of town all meetings where our representatives are being confronted by their constituents about health care. This warms my heart.

I just had a brainstorm.... I have occasionally been known to write political comments on the rear window of my van..... So I would suggest that since we are not supposed to use the phrase 'government health care', that we do use that phrase prominently painted across the back window of our vehicles... As in "NO Government Healthcare!" or "Fight Government Health Care!" Whatever you want, so long as it contains that phrase. Inexpensive acrylic craft paint works great, for about one dollar, washes off with water and a little pressure, or scrapes off.

Lets make our voice heard this August, and bolster the confidence of other conservatives...Isn't it nice to feel like you are not alone?

Many years ago when Hilary Clinton came to Seattle with her Health Care bus caravan, we rallied, shouted her down, and eventually their bus tour fizzled out and they gave up the quest. We CAN do it again. Paint that back window baby!
Who's with me? If I can do it in Seattle anyone can!

I'm off to the craft store.


  1. Did you know that vinyl lettering works and looks great on your windows? I am going to roaring this month for sure. Enough.

  2. That's a great idea.
    And I love the title.

    I like "Healthcare for Clunkers" but I will comply with your plan instead!

  3. Now I want some window paint!

    Also, check this out, I saw it on Natalie's FaceBook:

  4. Yeah I think vinyl works good and lasts but me and I'm sure enough others would never get around to ordering it or making it.

  5. You are all acting "fishy" and I am SO reporting you all to Dear Leader.

    (And I am seriously j/k, lol, etc.)(Can you believe this is America?)

  6. Someone, who commented on this entry, has taken the helpful step of signing up that snitch email address for about 50 useless web newsletters. That's pretty cool.
    Another idea might be to add the members of congress over and over again.
    Or send all your spam to that address. I hear Bill Gates will give you $10 for every email you forward to it. Tell your friends.

  7. Great idea. I'll take it to heart and slap something on the back of my truck!