Thursday, April 16, 2009

What the Tea Party Means to Me

I would like to comment on the spin about the Tax day Tea Parties. It's interesting to see news reporters say these rallies were funded by rich republican businessmen or the Fox News Channel. If rich businessmen were giving out checks I never got mine...and while I love the Fox channel, I haven't had time to sit and watch a program in weeks. Nobody MADE me go to a Tea Party, in fact it was difficult to find the locations and in the end I missed two closer rallies on my way to Seattle, and passed two of my sisters, who, unknown to me, were going to a rally nearby.

So what does this tax day mean to ME???? Just this:
Do not spend my tax dollars to overthrow my constitution!

I'm all for lowering the taxes for those who pay them, but frankly, MORE people should pay, not less. Every American should pay some taxes. If you are on welfare you should see on your check that some of it 'went back' in the form of taxes. Removing people from the tax roll is dangerous. Once more than 50% of the people pay no taxes, then the rest of us who do become their slaves. Democracy will give them the power to take everything you've got, while it lasts. The earners and producers and innovators are punished, and the whole thing will fall like a house of cards.
So, LOW taxes, but taxes for all.


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  4. I really couldn't agree with you more. I still think that a national sales tax would solve the problem. It is not fair that such a small percentage of the population should pay such a large percentage of the nation's taxes. Keep speaking up!