Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

To my Scandanavian ancestors, the first of May was a day for celebrating life and renewal and the coming of spring. Girls in frilly dresses danced around the Maypole, a Queen of May was named, and an elderly neighbor might awaken to find a basket of flowers hanging on her door.
Since those lovely days, the date of May 1st has been taken over by those who would crush life rather than celebrate it, by those who desire to live off the fruits of another person's mind, and gain their comforts and desires from the sacrifices of others. It has been overrun by those who wish to punish the best and brightest, extinguish the aspirations and dreams, and claim your time and your life's work as their own simply because of their need and incompetence.

Here is my May Day prayer for you...

May no one interfere with the freedom God has given you.
May you be free to choose your own path.
May you and your loved ones enjoy the results of your labors.
May your government protect your rights rather than erode them.
May each dawn greet you with the freedom that was purchased by others at a dear price.

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  1. It really is a shame that May Day celebrations no longer exist.