Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If you read this you are already GUILTY

...Of Right Wing Extremist chatter. Why?

Because I support and defend the constitution this country was based on. Because I am a religious person, have a right to own a gun, and favor LEGAL immigration and protecting the innocent unborn, I am now on the Homeland Security watch list I guess.

But the the truth is, if Obama actually believed and intended to uphold the oath he took in January, he'd be on the the watch list too.

Please read Michelle Malkin's great article about the recent Homeland Security info along with excerpts of the document .

I'm going to the local Tea party tonight. Hopefully I'll have some pix to post later.


  1. considering that the constitution is the law, it seems strange that those of us who want to defend it are labeled criminals. even worse, with north korea and iran doing their thing and china hacking into our power grids, we seem to be considered the real threats to national security.

  2. I am going to read the article. This is just beyond ridiculous. I saw the truest of Americans in my view yesterday. I would trust them all..