Monday, June 22, 2009

Read the Bill before you Sign it!

Before becoming president, Obama said he would post bills for five days before signing them so that Americans would know their content. Read Jim Harper's comments on Obama's Failure to do so here.
I think jeers should go to Congress as well. It's bad enough when they don't read the bills before they sign them, but then they hire a speed reader to make fun of the fact that people want them read! Extremely bad form. This is our future you are messing with.
If I were a congresswoman I would read every bill before I voted on it. Who cares where your degree is from or your level of experience if you don't read the darn bill. If they were trying to pass a bill without allowing enough time to read it, I know that happens.... I would hire enough readers to break the thing down into a sensible outline and get the info I needed so I could read all the important passages. But they should just give them enough time.
My two other 'campaign promises' are: I would strive to take over the ranking of 'Most Conservative Congressman'
And I would continue to cut my own hair.


  1. Slow down over there. We do not need to rush this stuff through. Read it, pray about it, let us know you care about what you are signing and passing.

    It frightens me.

  2. I'd like to ask one simple question of every legislator on Capitol Hill"

    "If you aren't smart enough to understand the language in any bill and do the research YOURSELF - why are you in office?"

    Don't get me wrong, I know that it's important to have a staff, but the elected person should have the gray matter to understand that these near-trillion dollar bills require debate and a complete understanding. I know that understanding before signing seems to be a lost concept to the Democrats - but it seems so disarmingly simple doesn't it?