Thursday, June 11, 2009

Planned Economy or Planned Destruction

I Saw this on Cato@Liberty and had to pass it along. It fits with our recent conversations. It is from the 1938 Chicago Tribune. If it is too small to read please follow this link. It's well worth it!


  1. I actually have seen this before and it frustrates me to think that we could put this in the papers today and it would fit our times.

    This whole promoting universal healthcare week, is really making me fuse. Hurry hurry hurry. It's not EVEN written yet!! What is going on here??? I never use to have to talk in high cap or use a lot of exclamations and question marks, but lately, I have too.

    Triple dog dare ughs.

  2. Like a smooth used car salesman, Obama shifts the conversation to the details, how much, how fast, totally skipping the 'Do we want it, yes or no?'