Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day at a National Cemetery

Visiting a National Cemetery on Memorial Day is a great way to set an example to our children of honoring those who protect us. There are over 100 national cemeteries for veterans scattered across the states. In Washington State there is one in Kent, The Tahoma National Cemetery. They put out flags and have a ceremony, sometimes with a band, color guard, or choir.. We have taken our family. It is sobering to see freshly covered graves of soldiers who lost their lives in recent conflict.

To find out if there is a national Cemetery near you, check here.

If you take your children you may wish to buy a bouquet of roses or carnations that you can divide up for them to place on a grave as a thank you.

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  1. If only our leaders in Washington had some respect for the fallen and hte freedoms they fought for!!