Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Don’t Get It

Some friends on Facebook are having a little discussion about a blog post on Mormons For Obama. Her is the post in question, and here is my response:

The author seems to have a twisted and mind boggling lack of understanding of what conservatives actually believe. (Having said that I will add that Mitt Romney, while I believe him to be a great man and well qualified for president, is far from a conservative. Why do you think conservatives were so happy with the addition of Paul Ryan?).
I think free agency is at the heart of it, but not in the way the author describes. First let me say that as far as gay marriage goes, I'm against it because it will corrupt our country so quickly. If gay marriage passes then the first thing that will happen is that the gay lifestyle will have to be represented in textbooks for children of all ages. The leading textbook companies based in California already have vast guidelines of what politically correct illustrations they can show in a textbook. So what does it mean when those who are morally opposed to homosexuality have their children forced to constantly view what is a sin to them? If people would just keep it in their own bedrooms that's one thing, but our lifestyle is under assault.
As far as giving to the poor goes, what is a good rule for an individual is not necessarily a good rule for government. The government can never make things fair. Taking from those who sacrifice and work hard to give it to another deemed more worthy by some council is decidedly unfair. Redistribution of wealth does not work. It leads to more poverty and larger demands. I am not a libertarian because I do believe government has a right to tax those who are enjoying the benefit of public services deemed important by us through our representatives. But there is a proper amount, and we are way beyond that. I do think it's immoral to force on person to sacrifice their time, life and efforts to serve another. And that's really what liberalism is all about.
God knew there would be suffering and unfairness from the beginning. He gave us a Savior to provide a healing atonement for us and hopefully inspire us to serve our fellowman. But forcing everyone to be kind and good and righteous was Satan's plan, and I rejected it once and I will spend my life rejecting it. It cripples the receiver and enslaves the giver.



  1. I don't understand the cause of Mormons for Obama, nor do I understand Mormons for Homosexuality rights either. To me, when you choose to live a religion (if you are living it fully) your life becomes a banner for your beliefs. Mormons support tradtional families- that doesn't mean we want to punsish homosexuals, but if they can be granted rights under civil unions than changing the word MARRIAGE to accomodate them is unecessary.
    One thing I have to remind people when discussing this, or even when thinking about it, is that religions such as Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)believe we are striving to make ourselves more fit to someday live in the presence of God and Christ- we are NOT making them stoop to our levels as people suffering from human nature, desires of men, and worldly influences. By changing our religion to "accept" everyone on equal terms changes what relilgions purpose is- to better men to live on God's terms.

    The fight for distribution of wealth is just another lame excuse for sympathy and charity. It is not either of those when you are forced to do it, not to mention the inefficiency of the programs. I think a small comparison of those who believe in conservative leaning values against those more liberal and what they donate would reveal quickly that most conservatives (or leaning that way) donate much more time and money in an effort to help others. When you expect government to do it you pass the buck and let a 'program' ease your mind...that's just lazy.
    Bottom line is we need to be responsible as INDIVIDUALS and encourage other individuals to take resposibility for themselves, basicaly all would get help when needed,and thrive when they didn't!

  2. Lynnae,
    whats funny is that you say that the author has a "twisted and mind boggling lack of understanding of what conservatives actually believe" and then you proceeded to perfectly illustrate exactly what the author was trying to say about the problem with "conservatives" or more importantly, conservative mormons' belief. The contradiction of the "conservative" view is that its okay to take someone's free agency away in the case of gay marriage for the good of the whole of society, but not okay to take away someone's free agency and make them pay a tax that would help the poor. Even though the author would claim that this is also for the good of the whole of society. So when is it okay for the government to take away the citizen's free agency? only when it doesnt affect your pocketbook?
    I wish that people would read these posts (or any info that is presented to them by those who may come from the "opposing side") with an open mind and take it as an opportunity to challenge your beliefs, rather than read what you want to read and just let it fuel your hatred towards "the other" This form of consuming information is only putting more and more distance between us and will continue to keep congress at a gridlock, which lets face it, thats really where the problem in government lies and not as much in whatever the presidential administration does.