Wednesday, August 29, 2012

GOP Convention

Despite last night’s highlights for me, Mia Love and the wonderful Ann Romney, I was a little irritated with the coverage on FOX News. I think they covered more of the convention than other cable news channels, but too many times they would tune in to a speech, only to cut away 5 minutes later for interviews or a panel discussion. As funny as it was to see Juan Williams make his ‘Ann Romney is a corporate wife’ comment and then see him missing from the panel a few minutes later, I would like to hear speeches in there entirety.

So tonight I’m parking it on C-Span, except maybe for the musical acts. I may turn it back to FOX but as soon as some one hits the podium I’m going back to C-Span.

The theme last night- We Built It. I love it. It’s genius! That simple phrase illustrates the difference in our values and those of President Obama. And now democrats are whining “That’s not what he meant” like a bunch of babies. No wonder what context you take that phrase “You didn’t build that” in, it still means the same. Maybe even worse on closer inspection. You are what you are because of government, not your ideas, labor, or sacrifice.

Despite Obama having a large section of the media in his pocket, occasionally something comes along so clear and concise that people just get it and pop culture runs with it.

build airplane

build carbuild ark

build computer

build legos

build pyramid


And I think my favorite line so far tonight would have to be from Tim Pawlenty,  “Barach Obama has failed us. But look, it’s understandable. A lot of people fail at their first job”.


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