Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Reprimands the GOP

Hat tip to Left Coast Rebel for the video.

Why is Obama behaving like a whining baby? This video is priceless. He meets with the GOP members to answer questions ostensibly and ends up sulking and carrying on in his normal, angry, pseudo-orator way.

My favorite part is when he calls his health care debacle ‘centrist’ and then gets irritated at the audience response. Who are you to doubt what this radical leftist calls centrist!

If Obama thinks taking over the nation’s health care industry is ‘centrist’ than heaven know what else he would like to do!

Another choice bit of his self deception is to say that Republicans are only opposing this because they are afraid that their riled up constituents will vote them out. HELLO! Isn’t that exactly what is happening to Democrats right now????

He is mad that republicans wont ‘cooperate’. Why should we cooperate with a bad plan we don’t like? We don’t want to meet you halfway because we don’t agree with the PREMISE that health care needs more government involvement.

Secondly, he can’t even get some of his democrat colleagues on board. So why is he complaining to us? There are enough democrats to pass it. He just wants republican names so that when it is a disaster it will be a bi-partisan disaster.

The overall expressions and tone of this rant, which went on and on, is that of a bratty kid threatening his parents when they won’t let him do what they want. “If you don’t give in to me you are going to give yourself very little room to negotiate with me. I’m warning you!”




  1. Enjoyed reading some of your posts.

    I get the impression that Obama thinks Americans don't support his health care reform because he just hasn't explained it right; so he will tell is AGAIN and very s-l-o-w-l-y so we will understand.

  2. "He just wants republican names so that when it is a disaster it will be a bi-partisan disaster." LOVE IT! Well said.

  3. He is a whiny cry baby. Obama is a radical leftist that wants to gain more control over our lives via health care reform. I am so glad that Republicans are listening to Americans and not compromising with BO and the Democrats. The Democrats are the ones that are in trouble in their next elections.

  4. Hope all is well. Missing your posts . . .