Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If I were a Soldier…..

So, one of the features on X-box Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is that you can map your own face onto the soldier.  My husband tried it last night and he looked pretty tough.

Rainbow 6 Jon 3 Rainbow 6 Jon

So of course I had to try it.

I immediately ran upstairs to fix my make-up. Changed my ear rings….twice, then after the first try I added more makeup because the X-box camera really washed me out. I know you all want to see how it turned out…….

Rainbow 6 Lynnae 2

Rainbow 6 Lynnae 1

Checking out the new outfit…..

How about a little (more) face paint?


I Know I’m probably not brave enough, and definitely not tough enough, to be a real soldier. But I thought this was pretty cool!

Rainbow 6 Lynnae 3-Lynnae

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