Saturday, November 21, 2009

Welcome Christmas Season!

Last night our local FM Soft Rock station switched to full time Christmas music. Yay!

Tuesday I heard a woman at the craft store say "Wow, Christmas really snuck up on me this year." -It was November 17th!

Seriously, I like it.
I too, used to complain about Christmas being commercialized, but now I find it a blessing in a sense. Christmas is being eradicated from the schools, public buildings, and other PC venues. It's true that businesses do it for the revenue, but at least they are honest in admitting that a large part of our society celebrate this event, and they know that they can tug on our heartstrings a little because Christmas is special to us.

We can teach our children what Christmas really means, and even tone down the commercialism with a tradition of giving homemade gifts.  But I would much rather live in a country where Christmas was hyped with a joyful hysteria than a place where there was no mention, no display, and believers had to quietly shuffle home to have their private celebration.

So keep that in mind the next time you see an all out festive commercialized Christmas display!



  1. totally agree with you about your love of the Christmas season music! I made a "station" on Pandora for Vince Guaraldi, and the music is amazing (loves me some jazz, espeically Charlie Brown jazz!).

    Here in L.A. at least, it does seem like the retailers are waiting to decorate this year 'til right around Thanksgiving.


  2. Perfectly said and I so agree with you! I was so happy when my 10yro daughter brought home a note from school stating that those wishing to participate in the school Christmas choir would also be singing religious Christmas carols! It's better to be overboard than to have nothing at all.

    Cathy ♥

    PS--our oldies station just started playing Christmas songs 24/7 a whole week early! :)