Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mark Levin Interview with Sarah Palin

Here is a link to her recent interview with Mark Levin.

Palin T I have had her T-Shirt since the election.

Her book is on my Christmas list (and it’s going to kill me to wait that long),

And her appearance on Oprah gave the show a huge ratings boost.


Yay for Sarah Palin. There are so few sensible conservatives in politics. And is it significant that most of the conservative leaders are women?

Let me answer that question in this way. My husband thinks most republican leaders become so bad because everyone who goes to Washington ends up corrupted. Not necessarily by vice or illegal activities, but by the popularity, the press and the flattery. I know that happens, but unlike Jon, I believe it is POSSIBLE to go there and stand your ground.

And who can stand their ground better than a stubborn woman?

So here’s to the women who are stubborn in the cause of LIBERTY!


Agree or disagree? What’s your comment on my ‘Stubborn Woman’ theory ?


  1. I'm with YOU!~

    And the left sure did like Sarah when she was fighting against members of her own party!

    (I still have a Palin, shirt too and can't wait to dig it out and wear it again!)

  2. I agree that there must be some out there who can make it....and maybe if they find eachother they can stick together and make a difference...maybe....

    Santa is totally bringing me Sarah's book ( 16 bucks at Sam's Club) and I have promised I will wait to read it. That is why I need to set up the tree and start wrapping presents, otherwise I will have used/worn/read them all by Decmeber 25th!

    Did you hear Sarah on Rush? She sounded so great! I loved the interview!

  3. I think Sarah Rocks and it drives me insane how so many people, especially women find fault with her over the most trivial matters and then the big ones in other people (you know what I'm talking about ) slide.
    The latest one I'm on a tirade about is how her body language (on Oprah) showed her disgust with the way her children vs. Obamas children were treated during the election. Well, heck. It made me sooo angry and I'm not even their mother! It was so double standard. and that little punk Levi, if it wasn't for Sarah he would still be a nobody in Wasilla. In Oprah's interview she was nothing but gracious towards the father of her beautiful grandson. She has class.
    She posed for Runners World or some running magazine and somehow the photos ended up on NewsWeek. Radio Talk shows in my area are having a hey day with that one. She said on the Barbara Walters interview she thought it was tacky and would have never posed for Runners World if she knew it would end up on NewsWeek. OK. explained. easy. now let it go liberal media!!
    Yesterday was my birthday and I'll I wanted was her book and I got it, please don't be envious lol

  4. I'll elaborate just a bit on my "they're all corrupt" argument by saying that almost all of the conservative leaders who are women are not in elected office. Think of Palin, Coulter, Ingraham, and extending that to men like Levin, Rush, and precious few others.
    None of them are inside the beltway.
    The beltway dinner and cocktail party circuit is hugely corrupting in that it makes people feel like DC is a real and normal place.

    There may be an exception. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. She's awesome.

    Finally, I think conservative women sense more of what is at stake than even their husbands do when it comes to the culture war. Don't come between a lioness and her cubs.

  5. There are some exceptions:

    I agree with Jon about Bachmann. Being an Arizonan I feel the same about Jon Kyl who is in his 22nd year inside the beltway and still seems to be well grounded. J.D. Hayworth, while no longer there, seems real now as he did during his time in the House. John Kasich of Ohio is another.

    Palin certainly seems to be the type who would hold to her values before succumbing to the corruption. Perhaps we shall see...

  6. Sarah will be Sarah -- whether she is in the Governor's leaky-plumbing mansion in Juneau or in the White House -- she is real, she is grounded, she is honest. The Grover Cleveland of our times.