Thursday, October 16, 2014

Obama vs. Ebola

Concerns over Ebola are rising after a second Dallas nurse contracted the virus and flew across the country on a commercial airline while ill.

President Obama is currently holding a news conference in the white house to declare his resolve in fighting the outbreak.

Here is my question for you:

If President Obama WANTED an outbreak in the United States, what would he do differently than he’s already doing?

I’m disgusted that no travel ban is in place from countries where the outbreak is growing. I’m also disgusted that he continues to increase the amount of military he is sending to the area. This is not their purpose and he risks bringing the disease home to the US in greater numbers.

Is this because most military families aren’t going to vote for him anyway?

Yesterday after he cancelled a fund raiser for a special meeting at the white house my theory was that he had quarantined himself. Today he still stays home. We’ll see!


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