Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It’s Good to Love Reagan

A friend came up to me on Sunday at church and said they had recently visited the Jelly Belly jellybean factory. “And who do you suppose was one of their biggest fans?”

“Ronald Reagan” I said with a smile.

“I saw these and I thought of you.” She said, pulling out a little box of Ronald Reagan presidential Jelly Bellies.

Reagan jelly Bellies Now if that isn’t sweet I don’t know what is. I know this friend is a devoted democrat, and she saw those and thought of me, which was pretty nice. So I had to share. Standing up for our beliefs we are often on the defensive, and I think its important that we still have a kind and respectful attitude in our day to day lives.

And for heavens sake, smile now and then.


P.S. I just added the picture, and I'm laughing at my den. The flag’s not out due to constant rain, the pull-up bar is for my ‘Army Man’, though my 14 year old daughter has set a goal to do a couple every time she comes in to sit at the computer, and the Bowflex….well, I don’t know why there are Mardi Gras beads on it.

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