Tuesday, November 9, 2010

George W. Bush on Rush Today

george_w_bush In less than an hour former president George W. Bush is going to be on the Rush Limbaugh show to talk about his upcoming book. (There’s a hint for my Christmas list!)

I need to get my radio ready. Living out where i do my AM stations don’t always come in well. I’d be better off getting in the van and driving around to listen on my car radio.

So tune in for the second hour today (1:05 Eastern time) to Rush’s show.



  1. My husband's been hinting quite boldly for the W book for Christmas as well. Sounds like a good read, and it's nice to see Pres. Bush getting some props again.

  2. I agree. I recorded the Hannity show when he was on and really enjoyed it. While I'm not under the illusion that he's as conservative as I am, He really is a great man. And a good, solid, kind person.

  3. My favorite moment of the show was when he said "It's a great honor to be the president of a country you love."