Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Suspicions

82869788SG030_Government_Pl I was just reading an article about a teacher and one little sentence caught my eye. While talking about wiping off the grimy, germy, children’s desks, the woman said ‘Because of health regulations we are not allowed to use any cleaners’.

It was in the middle of a longer paragraph, stated like a well known fact. You all understand. Cleaners aren’t allowed. Because of health regulations.

There was in the not too distant past, a time when health regulations would have said ‘Cleaners MUST be used’.

What are we coming too? What is this step backward? No wonder our children are getting sicker every year, and half the school is out with swine flu in January. 

Over the spring and summer I’ve heard repeated instances of bedbugs being found amongst the products of popular New York retail stores. Could it be terrorism? Could it be immigrants?

bedbugbed bug bites

My suspicion is that a pesticide was banned somewhere along the line. Banned because it wasn’t ‘green’ enough or renewable enough, or it was tested on animals (pests maybe?). So for that we get to go back to the 1930’s and check our mattresses before crawling into bed.

AA047693How far will it go? How long before plastic is removed from our meat department to invite spoilage, germs, and that awful ‘grocery store smell’ of second world countries?



Thanks for hearing my rant. It’s a mini-rant…..I want to talk about the closing of GE last incandescent light bulb factory but I’m too upset right now.



  1. Last year our kids were infested by bugs on the school yard, I wondered the same ng. Haydens legs itches so badly they started to bleed, he had bites all over them. It was miserable.


    Where will we get our lightbulbs now?

  2. I know!
    I lost a follower. I hope it wasn't the bedbug picture!!!!!!

  3. I am always worried that I'll get bedbugs so I check my bed every night and the couches a few times a week. It's just sad.