Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reagan vs. Khrushchev

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free." ~ Ronald Reagan

Decades ago Nikita Khrushchev said:

“I can prophesy that your grandchildren will live under socialism. We will bury you.”

Was he right? How can we be so shortsighted as to sell our freedoms in the name of security and entitlement?

It’s a shame.


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  1. Hi Lynnae. First, your website images are absolutely gorgeous. How patriotic.

    I agree that we are shortsighted. The uneducated (meaning those unaware and uninformed regarding the world and U.S. current events) either:

    (1) don't watch or read the news of the day,
    (2) rely only on sound bites to form opinions,
    (3) limit themselves to watching only one source of news representing only one point of view and/or
    (4) were not taught common sense.

    If they want to use the precious freedom of being able to vote, they must understand the issues of the day. They need to listen to opposing points of view so they can make their own decisions about what they believe.

    The right to vote should be given only to individuals that pass (two weeks before an election) a brief current events test, not just to everyone over a certain age. This may sound extreme but many people vote for the name they hear the most and they believe the lies and garbage contained in attack ads without doing any research on the target of those ads. Some people vote the same way their parents or friends vote. And, unfortunately, many people think that their vote isn't important. Voter fraud runs rampant and those in power want us to believe that there is no voter fraud even though it has been proven, for example, that there are dead people on the voting roster. Our voting system is losing, or has lost already, its integrity and accuracy.

    Entitlements are important for Americans in genuine need. One of the problems with today’s entitlements is that we have so much supposed poverty because the eligibility guidelines have been lessened to an outrageous point.

    Able bodied Americans and illegal aliens should not be receiving benefits of any kind. (Think about “surfer dude” who was featured on Fox News a number of times. He had stamina to surf but not to work. And by the way, he used some of his food stamps to buy lobster. On occasion I buy ground beef (on sale) because that’s what I can afford.

    And whose brilliant idea was it that any child merely born in the USA automatically becomes an American citizen? Babies born to legal American mothers only should receive that distinctive honor. Anchor babies born to illegal alien mothers should not become American citizens just because they were born on American soil. It’s not fair to legal Americans or legal immigrants who have to wait years (yes, years). NOTE: I support LEGAL immigration but am opposed to illegal immigration.

    Lynnae, thank you for brightening my day by realizing that I am not alone in my thoughts that freedom needs to be defended in every sense of the word. Our freedoms are eroding because we keep electing politicians that take them away piece by piece as they get more and more power over us. I wish that every politician in the House and Senate could be replaced with individuals that at least have common sense and represent the common man and woman. With term limits of course.

    The upcoming mid-term election is critical to prevent further erosion of freedoms. If the liberals and Democrats keep the Senate, Harry Reid will continue blocking all legislation passed by the House (currently 300+ bills and counting on jobs, immigration and more). Not only that—it will give them the ability to pass more regulations and onerous laws by running roughshod over what the majority of Americans really want.

    Everyone, PLEASE educate yourself about current events BEFORE voting. I don't ask that you vote one way or another. My opinion is mine. Form your own opinions by listening to ALL sides of an issue/argument and do research on those who are attacked in ads. If someone is being attacked it is usually because the attacker can’t debate on the merits of issues. Find the real facts about a politician before voting for him or her.

    Our future and freedoms depend on each person making informed decisions—just like every part of life.

    Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion.