Sunday, May 30, 2010

To Honor Your Service

My daughter lives out of state and she was able to visit the cemetery and put flowers on the graves of her grandfather and great-grandfather.

  Memorial day1 Memorial Daye

dad3  This is my father-in-law who served in Vietnam. He was a good man an passed many great traits down to my dear husband. My children never had a chance to know their Grandpa Pulsipher, but someday they will.

Project91This is my grandpa Petersen. He was in the Navy in Los Angeles during WWII. He was a good man and a great companion to my grandma. It was a nice tribute to visit the cemetery and remember and honor them, even though we know they aren’t there. They have gone ahead to reunite with loved ones and wait for those of us to follow.


Jon and Lynnae Dining Out 2

This is my husband and I in 1988. My husband followed in his fathers footsteps, joining the Air Force just after high school graduation. We were married less than two years later while he served in Japan. I have a deep respect for those in the service and their families.

Thank You !


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