Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Dockers Ad Campaign

This is the ‘controversial’ ad…….

Dockers ad

-my thoughts?

I think real women love having a real man around. I personally like the campaign. I think the problem is that extreme parts of the feminist movement have tried to reduce men in to one of two stereotypes. Either a docile emasculated wimp or a macho brute. In truth there's a huge middle ground of strong old fashioned men who will defend those they love, open doors for you, and still play mud football on Thanksgiving or park themselves in front of old war shows on a Sunday afternoon.

  Does telling men to ‘wear the pants’ reduce the position of women? I don’t think so. I think a huge chunk of the men  in this nation need to be told to man up and provide for their families instead of waiting for government to do their job for them. And as long as I’m ranting, we should tell a few young men to back away from the video games for an hour or two and mow a few lawns, get  jobs, and ask nice girls out on dates.



  1. It's kind of a double edged problem too. Because men believe that they shouldn't be doing anything like taking care of families and working, I and every other girl my age and younger has to be able to do everything on their own. Once you can do that, where is a guy supposed to fit into your life? It's just much to complicated.

  2. I like it.
    From a very young age I have taught my two sons that "A man's job is to take care of women and children".
    And they have walked little old ladies- they have never met before- down the sidewalk when her grown up son left her to fend for herself on the way to the drugstore. proud mom moment

  3. Can I say how great it is to send my boys out to shovel the driveway? Connley shovels two little old ladies driveways as well after the storms. It does my heart good to see him out there with another Teacher from the ward doing service. I know I could do more, but the baby steps we have made are good ones.
    And I, for one, have a man that gets mad when kids sass me and backs me up with a firm hand kind of way.
    Staying home and being a 'mom' has really allowed me to be a better wife, which in turn makes him a better husband. I don't know why that is so hard for some people to believe! I love the good old fashioned kind of guy!

  4. I fully agree. Is there a way to let Docker's know we appreciate this ad? It's very true that men need to "man up" and stop letting the nincompoop federal government raise and support their kids. Ever since Lyndon B. Johnson started "The Great Society" our civilization has floundered. When men are no longer needed, they tend to act like animals, not hard-working, loving chivalrous gentlemen.

  5. Government programs offering cash, food, child care, medical, housing and education have replaced husbands and fathers. It's a Socialist wonderland.

  6. Dockers ad campaign is as boring and stupid as their pants. If you all are so "stimulated" by this ad, I hope you don't find "traditional" men who will beat and rape you and dominate every aspect of your lives - it'd be terrible if you had to remember firsthand why this ideal is obscelete. Chances are at least some of you already have this kind of person in your life. Let me guess. You live in some small town or suburb where no one reads or thinks or evolves. Enjoy it. Just keep your braindead ideas out of my town.
    Talk about old ladies, they're the ones who know what a "real traditional man" is like. Many of them have battern women's syndrome.

  7. Wow.
    I'm very sorry for whatever horrible life experience has brought 'anonymous' to this point of thinking, but it's like I said in the first paragraph, every 'old fashioned man' is not a macho brute. There are many kind, respectful men of the old fashioned type, who use their strength and energy to protect the women in their lives, not to hurt them. I'm sorry if your experience or that of someone you know has been different, but don't paint every man guilty because of it.