Thursday, October 29, 2009

Regarding Same-Gender Attraction and the Public Schools

I commented the following on Shannon’s post at Someday I Will Soar, but it’s pretty self explanatory so I thought I’d post it here too.

It's one thing to fight this battle with highschoolers who can stand up for themselves like we have done, it's a bit easier because at least they know what they believe and what to look out for. This effort to indoctrinate little children in a manner opposed by their parents is insidious. They are too young to recognize or question every piece of propaganda that gets slipped in to the curriculum.
There's no doubt religious freedom is under attack when public schools purposefully set out to undermine your family's belief system.


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  1. I want to add also how pathetic it is that political correct minds might imply that people whose belief system includes any idea of morals, values, or ethics is unintelligent.
    I keep asking myself how believing in a 'big bang' and putting faith in government represents intelligence of any kind!!!
    Those of us with values must stand up unapologetic and make it known we are not backing down.